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All New Comedy Radio shows are available in MP3 format and playable on most modern computers or any MP3 player.  We recommend that you use Google to find a player to best suit your needs amongst the thousands now available.  Alternative, you can use our Flash-based player to listen to the shows online, although you will need the Macromedia Flash plugin and a fast Internet connection.

Windows Software
In most cases, PC Windows users can listen to MP3 files using the Windows Media Player included with the PC.  Other popular alternatives include Nullsoft's Winamp, Apple's iTunes and Real's RealPlayer.  All of these players can play other popular formats, as well as MP3.

Mac Software
Apple Mac computers also include a built in MP3 player, in the form of iTunes.  Many alternative players can be found listed in Google.

Linux Software
Nearly all Linux distributions include several MP3 players, including Xmms and mpg123.

Regular visitors to our site, particularly those with a hardware MP3 player like an Apple iPod, maybe interested in subscribing to our Podcast feed.  Using Podcast compatible software, you can download the latest New Comedy Radio shows onto your computer and player automatically.  For more information on Podcasting, please visit this website.

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